University Dashboard


Service for managing college athletes with the NIL

University dashboard image of displaying athlete metrics


The University Dashboard is a tool where partnered universities of the College Sports Community Application could see a breakdown of each team and athlete’s compensation, key metrics, and progress over time.


This was designed and built in just one week as a MVP, which meant the design needed to be clear, concise, and easily managed. I chose a very simple approach, to have the core metrics take precedent in the visual layout of the dashboard.

To ensure that we were building with a clear goal in mind, the executives of the company communicated with partnered universities to inquire on some high level metrics they would need.

The three major information they would require came out to be:
- Athlete metrics
- Team metrics
- Total Payouts for the entire Community App



Since this was the MVP of the full scale of what this dashboard could do, the home page was limited to showing general metrics in a very high level overview.

We explored different data points to look into for future versions, but needed to validate our assumptions with the universities using the product. I was on a very tight timeline, so I decided to create a simple card grid layout where metrics could be clearly displayed.

University dashboard home screen

Displaying Metrics


As the variables of athletes, teams, and time with the club were brought into consideration, I decided to display a majority of the metrics in a table list format. This brought enough modularity and scale where no matter how many metrics a university had, it would be displayed in an easy to digest manner.

Selecting certain teams or athletes on the main pages would take users to a detailed view where more information could be found.

University dashboard displaying athlete metricsUniversity dashboard displaying team metricsUniversity dashboard displaying total payouts per year